Ride Assist Naperville

Need a ride to the Doctor? RAN can help!

Ride Assist Naperville (RAN) was founded in April 2016 to provide affordable and dependable transportation for seniors in our community, and their caretakers, to their medical appointments. RAN is a program under Naperville Seniors in Action (NSIA), a 501(c)(3) organization.

How does the service work?

This exciting initiative pairs seniors who need rides to and from their medical appointments with a volunteer driver to take them to the appointments, wait with them, and then drive them back home. Seniors (minimum age 60) must complete an application prior to requesting their first ride. Rides are by appointment only; a minimum of 7 business days advance notice is required. We ask for a $12 donation for each round-trip ride. No money is given to the driver and no tipping is allowed; an invoice is sent the following month. All of our insured drivers are volunteers who use their own vehicles to provide transportation.

Rides covered:

Any type of medical or dental appointment (excludes procedures/surgery where anesthesia is administered), including regular check-ups, pacemaker checks, blood tests/lab work, vision, hearing, dialysis, x-rays/scans, wound care, physical therapy, chemotherapy.

Visit our Riders page for applications and more information.

Notice re COVID-19:

Ride Assist Naperville is scheduling ride requests from all registered clients who have signed our COVID Waiver. While many things have changed in the last few months, one thing has remained the same: our commitment to your safety.

You may see changes when you make your next ride request. We made these changes to help protect our riders and drivers:

· If you have family or friends that can take you to your medical appointment, please ask them before calling RAN. We have many drivers who cannot drive at this time, so our available rides are severely limited.

· Our office will ask screening questions when you request a ride.

· If you are feeling ill, you will not be able to use RAN for a ride.

· Since medical buildings currently allow patients-only inside, our drivers will drop you at the front door, give you their business card with their cell phone number, and you will call them when you are ready to go home. Depending on the length of the appointment, they will either leave and come back, or stay in their car in the parking lot.

· We have hand sanitizer that we will ask you to use when you enter the car.

· We will ask you to wear a face mask during the entirety of your ride. We will provide you with a mask, if needed.

· We will ask that you sit in the backseat to allow further physical distance between you and the driver.

· Drivers will be taking extra care cleaning their cars right before and after every RAN ride.

· By using RAN, you, the rider, understand you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

RAN on NCTV17’s Spotlight, December 31, 2021: